Are you interested in holding a one-of-a-kind event at GREAT WINE Private Tasting Room? Consider hosting a wine tasting event, in which you will be sharing your views and your likes with dear friends and families. After all, the wine world is not a closed sphere only for wine geeks!

Our wine consultants will signpost your route to great wines. All you need is a relaxed mind and good company.

While enjoying GREAT WINE’s offer of exclusive American wines, you will also

  • learn more about your taste and your “Vinotype,” while sharing happy moments with your loved ones.
  • receive professional guidance from our wine consultants, who will share with you the sophistication in wine tasting.
  • get discounts on purchases.
  • receive luxurious wine accessories as a surprise gift (for free!)

Are you ready to host an event which no one would forget? Contact us today!


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