GREAT WINE for Everyone

GREAT WINE produces wine to start a new conversation about wine – what is your wine character or “Vinotype?”Making a choice among numerous bottles for many often means following what a wine critic says. GREAT WINE instead inspires clients to discover their unique preferences and perspectives by providing them with wines that cater to the taste of different “Vinotypes.”It is GREAT WINE’s goal to give respect to the uniqueness of individuals and uniqueness of each wine.


The GREAT WINE team upholds the three Ps when helping clients navigate through the deep waters of the wine world. They are

  • Perception: We elevate buying and tasting wines to be the most enjoyable times, because clients are creating new self-knowledge by sharing their views with friends and families at these moments. We believe that the fun part about wine is about sharing, not treating the wine world as a closed sphere only for wine geeks.
  • Provenance: GREAT WINE seeks the best possible wine sources with traceable origins, to create delicious and healthy wines at a great price. Our clients need not worry about contamination of ingredients or dilution of wines.
  • Professionalism: To the GREAT WINE team, professionalism is to look at wine from the clients’ perspectives. Our lingering questions will always be how to make wine better for clients, andhow to promote wine clients would understand in their own terms.


Leaders of GREAT WINE hold impressive academic degrees and wine credentials. They mobilize technology, knowledge, and passion to support your way on wine exploration.


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