Explore Your Wine Character at the Great Wine Tasting Room

June 28, 2019

GREAT WINE, Inc. just opened a tasting room to provide clients with high-quality wines and experiences in “vinotyping” – the discovery of individual wine taste and preferences. The company focuses on accompanying customers on this journey to discover their own wine personality. It is GREAT WINE’s goal to alter people’s perception about wine being extremely difficult to understand.

In the wine industry, wine critics have great influences on customers’ choices. Many people also tend to perceive the taste of wine proportional to its price. This misconception has prevented people from exploring their “true-self” in terms of wine preferences. GREAT WINE breaks down the misconception by seeking the best possible wine sources to create delicious, healthy and affordable wines, which would cater the taste profiles of four different “vinotypes.”

Like many, the CEO of GREAT WINE, Inc. Danni Lin had experiences of going into a supermarket, and got lost in massive product lists and ads. She thought how knowledgeable she was in wine affected her likes and dislikes. “I would like to let our customers define what a great wine is,” Lin said. “Besides, we create a destination for people to freely express their personal preferences of wine,” she added. The company is eager to bring unprecedented level of tasting and learning experiences to everyone. Individuals will be assisted with professional wine consultants when they are in GREAT WINE’s tasting room.

GREAT WINE’s first wine collection is named “PERCIPIO,” the Latin word for perception. The name also includes notions of “feeling,” “observation,” “instinct,” and “experience.” This multifaceted concept perfectly expresses the rich culture and message of GREAT WINE: to respect the uniqueness of individuals and uniqueness of each wine.


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