Great Wine by Science

September 20, 2019

Percipio by Great Wine, Inc. is a wine collection produced based on concepts of

wine personality, palate research, and data analytics.

We have a mission to produce wine to start a

new conversation about wine – which wine would match your wine character or

“vinotype?” Great Wine targets at the roots of clients’ frustrations: the prevailing

difficulty of picking a wine they would enjoy amid ample of choices. By seeking

the best possible wine sources to create delicious, healthy wines at a great price,

Great Wine inspires clients to discover their unique preferences and perspectives

by providing them with wines that cater to the tastes of different “vinotypes.”  We compare the smell and flavors of our wines to teas, such as pu-erh and

jasmine, and other tropical fruits including longan, lychee, or sweet cherry to

create familiarity for customers of different cultural background.  MyVinotype, a tool launched in 2011 as a tool for consumers to learn more about their own preferences, and a smart wine recommendation platform for wine-related businesses, myVinotype assesses individual taste sensitivities and tolerances, then introduces them to wines that will appeal to their unique, personal combination of sensitivities and values.  This tool coincides with our brand's vision and it's core values. 

Not only is our wine backed by science, but we also have some of the best branding, marketing and amazingly tasting wine in the industry.