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A Unique Collection

GREAT WINE, Inc. is the world’s first company to produce limited wines based on people’s wine personality or “vinotype.”

All our wines are made from small-batch, handpicked grapes in California. Making use of innovative winemaking technology, palate research, and big data analysis, we uncover clients’ unique preferences and perspectives of wine.

Great Wine By Design

The highest quality selection of wine, created by science and hand crafted to perfection.

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A History of Greatness

GREAT WINE, Inc. stands behind its quality.  We make the perfect gift for special occasions. Whether you are hosting a corporate event or a private party, we introduce an exceptional highlight to the event.

Unlike other wine companies, we look at winemaking from a futuristic and technological mindset, which in turn, benefits our wine drinkers the most.

We welcome you to join us on this journey of discovery – about yourself and wines.

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